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Mario Pisapia

received his Law Degree from University of Naples “Federico II” in 1994. He is an Intellectual Property Consultant in Trademarks and a professional representative before the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market of the European Union. Mario is admitted to practice.

Mario has acted as an arbitrator in proceedings for the re-assignment of domains care of the Milan Arbitration Chamber and Center for the Resolution of Domain Disputes (CRDD). As an elected member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Naming Authority, he played a contributing role in the development of the rules governing the assignment of domain names and re-assignment procedures.

Mario specialises in the prosecution of trademarks and design. He is an expert in controversies regarding the registration of domain names that conflict with trademarks and business names.

Languages: Italian, Spanish, English.

e-mail:  m.pisapia @

Via Prisciano, 42 - 00136 Roma (Italia)
tel.: (+39); fax: (+39) 06.354.535.01

Via Gioacchino Toma, 6 - 80127 Napoli (Italia)
tel.: (+39); fax: (+39) 06.354.535.01

Corso Elvezia, 4 - 6900 Lugano (Svizzera)
tel.: (+41) (0); fax: (+41) (0)

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